Menos Mas is a lifestyle platform to help enhance your life with all things wellness, clean eating and Beauty. 

 Well into her early 20s, with a face full of acne and having tried every product, every fad and every diet, our Founder took it back to basic. Back to the remedies and recipes her mother and family gave her and they all came from the kitchen. Without needing to compromise on flavors of her Latin roots and social life, she adapted a well-rounded clean life. Eating wholesome foods, being more active and removing processed products and foods resulted in an acne-free face, self-confidence, and a more balanced & happy self. 

 Menos Mas is a lifestyle born out of the old age idea (and our daily mantra) that less is more. We hope to break the stigma that leading a healthy way of life is boring and full of sacrifices. It’s not about a quick fix but rather about incorporating better choices into every single aspect of your life.  

Menos Mas team hopes to enrich your life with delicious clean foods, natural beauty tips and products, and all the fun ways to sweat it out.  We desire to empower and inspire you to take charge of your body; show you that beauty is an attainable goal for us all no matter what walk of life you come from.


xoxo Annya