power girls - Fanny Trouble

Power Girls is a series showcasing how real women conquer work & life challenges but still balance to sweat, eat clean and fit wellness into their everyday lives.


What is your background?
I've always worked in communication and I love that my profession allows me to meet different types of people full of Creativity. It's very inspiring.

How do you start your day?
With hot water and lemon and a few deep breaths. If I have time I like to do some stretching or sun salutations. It allows me to clear my head before commuting to work by bike or metro.

What is your daily relationship with food? Take us through your eats from beginning to end.
In the morning I have chia pudding or an açai bowl and if I am short on time, I eat bananas with a little almond butter. Lunch is often a sushi salad. My goals are to start making and bringing lunch to the office. I have a massive sweet tooth & I do indulge just a bit but I try not to eat sugar after 17h. For dinner its always up in the air and I like to keep it different.

What are your cooking staples?
Fruits and vegetables. I always have black radish, bananas, lettuce, apples and avocado.

How do you sweat?
I workout 5-6 days a week. I love yoga, thai boxing, Swimming and dancing. I also throw a spin session at Dynamo once a week.  They always have a great playlist-on during those 45 minutes its great mood booster.

We know that your time can be very busy working for such a large company, how to dig the motivation?
I am a very positive person. I always try to see the bright side of things and I do not feel guilty if I did not have time to go to a gym. Sport for me are a true moment of relaxation, it is never a drag or something forced.

What role does music play in your workout?What are your fave tunes to sweat?
Music is as important if not more important than the coach. Music helps me concentrate, to escape and give the best of myself.  At the moment I really like "One Dance" by Drake.

 What is your beauty routine? A step you do not jump?
Always remove my makeup, keep my face clean and drink lots of water

Essentials of all beauty?
The Embryolisse Face Cream

We truly live by the "beauty from the inside out" and "less is more"? What do these Menos Mas Mantra's mean to you?
It is a philosophy which I agree with completely. Doing sports and being active help you have that "glow" that no cosmetic can Bring. Besides that, eating well and few good beauty products to hydrate and keep the skin moisturized is super simple and great overall health.

The best advice you've ever had?
Always end the day with a cool shower. That helps recovery and also lowers the body temperature for better sleep.