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Power Girls is a series showcasing how real women conquer work & life challenges but still balance to sweat, eat clean and fit wellness into their everyday lives.

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Tell us about yourself. What is your background?

That last 4 years I worked on my own, I am always searching for myself that gives me the freedom to try alot. I work in Digital Marketing, but I have a scientific background, and I do a lot of sport.


How do you start your day?

I wake up between 7am and 8am. I drink a glass of water then almost every morning I drink a lemon juice in hot water. It wakes me up and it's a great boost to your metabolism. Then my darling I do 10 minutes of yoga and lastly prepare breakfast.


Whats your daily relationship with food? Take us through your eats from start to finish.

I eat very healthy 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time I eat what I want without asking questions.

In the morning, I eat a bowl of cut fruit, wholewheat bread and lots of coffee. I often add scrambled eggs or avocado slices to my toast.

Since I workout between noon and two, I have a late lunch.Lunch is vegetable and plant proteins. For example zucchini and tomatoes with vegan sausauge or tofu.

At night it's just varies. I often go to the restaurant or we order in. I must say I pay less attention in the evening, it often ends up the chocolate mousse or ice cream in the fridge.


What are some of your kitchen staples?

I have a fairly sound foundation. I eat vegetables and fruits daily.  BecayseIt's a habit, they are a must in my ktichen. I do not eat meat, but  since I do a lot of sports I have to substitute with vegetable proteins.

I always have eggs in the refrigerator and tofu patties in the pantry.I cook everything in coconut oil and I put a lot of spices in my dishes: ginger, cayenne pepper.


When did you begin your fitness/ health journey? How has that impacted your life?

My parents always we ate well and my brothers do a lot of sport so being healthy has always been a natural part of my life. As soon as I started to live alone I realized it was more difficult to keep a "healthy" pace with food and sport. It's easier when it is a habitual. That's when I started running I started to really get interested in nutrition. But I always try to keep a balance and not to impose my health choices on my friends and family. So if we’re out I let loose. I’ll take the dessert and I re-order a glass of wine at dinner.


What are some of your challenges transitioning over to a healthier life?

 Quitting refined sugar! So far I'm doing a sugar detox for one week every 2 to3 month.  But in truth I couldn’t completely live without it.

How do you like to sweat?

I do a lot of sport. I mean daily and often several times a day. I especially like cardio. I run a lot, alone or with my friends from Paris Running Club, and I go to Dynamo almost every day. On Saturdays, I go to Vinyasa Yoga with my boyfriend, and for the rest of my time I work on other areas. 3 times a week I workout at home with my mat and dumbbells. I do a combination of squats, abdominal crunches, lunges, etc. You can workout quite well at home with little to no equipment !


On long days or when workouts get monotonous , how do dig up motivation?

Sport is my bubble, this is my relief valve, where  I'm completely alone with myself. I need it.

Obviously sometimes I lose motivation, like everyone else but my advice is simple: always have a sports bag ready to go. Those moments when I do not feel like it al all, I silence the little voice that whispers in my head, I push past it and I go.. that's it. At the end of that workout I did’nt want to do I'm always happy.


What role does music play in your workout? 

When I was preparing for my marathon, I created a special playlist with only pieces that I love and that motivate me. I put them in a particular order so that the pieces that motivate me the most were falling exactly ¾ of the way. For me music is such valuable aid in sport. It pushes me and makes me want to push myself.


What is your beauty Regimen? One step you never skip?

I do not wear make-up so much that it is not long in the bathroom. Morning and evenings are all about  sweet removing makeup and moisturizing. That's all for me but it is always these 2 steps I am no matter what. 


Any beauty Essentials? 

I am very loyal to products that I use. 4 My darlings incldue: the micellar water, foam cleanser Cleanance face and facial, all 3 in Avène. For the body, the cleaner Bioderma pump, which I have used for years. I hydrate my skin with the prodigious oil by Nuxe.


We really live by beauty from the inside out and less is more? What do these Menos Mas Mantra's mean to you?

For me, that means just focus on a few key things. That goes for beauty, diet, life, everything in fact. No need to surround yourself with a million things, just be good / use / pamper the 3 or 4 most precious things.


Best advice you've ever gotten

 Do your best to get what you want and if you do what you love it should never be work.