Track Newbie

If you want to progress in running, you definitely need to add interval training to your sport routine.

When I started running, I always tried to set goals for myself. First one was to be able to run 20 minutes, then 30 and within each time I aimed for a distance 5K, 8K or 10K, 15K etc..

After getting more comfortable within  my goals, I realized that I was no longer making in any progress. Then I found an article about interval training which means alternating between high speed and softer intervals to improve your physical abilitiesand to get faster.

I recommend starting on a athletic track. One full loop around a track is 400m. This will help you measure your distances even if you don't have a watch.  Getting equipped with a watch (Nike or Garmin as you like there are so many!) or a simply timer is also quite helpful.


Warm Up 15 mins easy-moderate running
2 sets of 10x 30/30 Session 2 mi recover between sets
Cool Down 2 laps around the track at comfortable pace


  • A good warm up is essential, you can start with 15 minutes of easy to moderate running. Easy running means you should be able to have conversation comfortably while running. Moderate should be slightly harder. So your sentences should not be so fluid.
  • " 30/30 " sessions means 30 seconds on fast pace and 30 seconds Slow. 
  • NEVER STOP MOVING DURING RECOVERY. Your recovery should be active meaning you are still running just back to a comfortable pace. 
  • One full set is 10x 30 second fast and 30 second Slow

At first it's a bit confusing to understand but basically you run 2 sets of 10 times 30 fast, 30 slow with 2 minutes recovery between sets.

Now we love to push ourselves at Menos Mas. When we set goals we set them highs even when we prepare our workouts. However, it is important for you to listen to your body and stay injury free.  You can always adjust these if they are too overwhelming. If 2 sets is too much, just decrease and do one. If 2 sets of 10 is too much we recommend 2x 6. 

As you get more comfortable you can increase the difficulty by increasing the amount on speed work. For instance, you can do 1 minute fast 1 minute recovery, then 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery.  

Try do do this type of training once a week if you intend to progress in endurance and speed. Now that both Annya and I are supervised with PRC, it's easier to plan our sessions.We will surely include some of our favorite track sessions !