Bronx to the Louvre


I am def a very proud New Yorker. I have been there my whole life. But Paris always pulled a chord in my very romantic heart. The city for me is just so special. 

I always knew I wanted to live here. I am so grateful that I started running. I spent years regretting never living abroad and doubting all my capabilities. 

I fell into running by accident. My dad always dreamed of doing the NYC Marathon, so in January 2014 I signed up for the NYC Half and began my running journey to do this big race for him. I had no idea what I got myself into. I never ran in my life and couldn't even run one city block so needles to say I was overwhelmed. Running is such a challenge. You can't pass the ball, or sit on the bench when you can't anymore, its all you. Pushing past every single doubt and everything in your body screaming to quit. But when you finish a race or you reach a new goal, the high is so real.

I finished my first half and many races along the way in such a short time. It has been the biggest boost to my confidence. By the summer of 2014, I felt like there was nothing stopping me but myself. No more excuses, no more doubts just doing it.

 January 2015, I was doing it. I moved to paris. I am making my dreams come true. It is currently bringing fulfillment. A running family, Paris Running Club,  that I wouldn't change for the world. Most importantly it has given me the confidence to tackle everything I want. 

At the end of the day, a simple latin girl from the Bronx can make it to Paris with her two feet and the will to move forward. There is no difference between conquering running and conquering yourself .

What motivates you?

xoxo Annya