Homies Half- Berlin

Just two short weeks after the Paris Half, I flew to Germany for the Berlin half. It was quite an eventful weekend thanks to the Berlin Braves x Nike who hooked it up. 

Things kicked things off with the shake out run. While we normally do a quick and easy 5k on the Friday before a race. The Berlin Braves changed it up and planned a very fun but a bit strenuous workout the Saturday before race day.  Started with a warm up some squats, high knees, and dreaded burpees. Then we had three obstacles courses. One where we sprinted around the baseball field. The next we had a few coordination drills and then finished up with a mini baseball game. 

Carb loading was VERY serious post this workout. I had so much delicious pasta then made a quick stop at the table football game.


Race day I was filled with Nerves. Mostly I was uber exhausted. I wouldn't recommend doing as much as we did so close to race day and having run a half just 2 weeks prior.  Not in the mood at all I went over to the clubhouse and quickly my energy changed. As all the crews arrived we all began passing off those jitters for excitement.

Okay, so by the time the race started, which took much longer than usual,  I was completely hungry again and restless. Thank heavens Berlin is completely flat because it made it easy to keep moving past all the exhaustion my body was under.

The cheering from the crowds is always helpful and keeps it fun but there is NOTHING LIKE CREW LOVE. By mile 15 I was just looking forward to seeing the Cheer Dem Crew.

 When I realized  I missed them I was feeling defeated and then at 18k, beautiful Clarisse and the crew lifted me so high. The support of the crews is so much more than what anyone can ask for. Its exactly the push I needed to finish strong. and strong I did. 

I finished the race one minute faster than the Paris half. Even a second faster would have made me happy. Small victories go a long way. and when in Germany why not have beer at the finish line! Perfect way to celebrate!