Paris Half Marathon x Brige The Gap

We are lucky to be  a part of Paris Running Club, through them we discovered the " Brige The Gap" movement. It consists of bringing the running crews from all over the world to share good vibes on an official race. This is the Paris Half Marathon Edition.

It all began on Friday, March 6 with a little welcome and social run. We all met at the Nike Saint-Michel store. It was a very fun 5K  all about warming up to this crazy weekend ahead. 


Saturday all running mates had a brunch at the nice barge Le Playtime.

Sunday: Big Day!

Lucie's thoughts:
This is my first half marathon and for me one of the biggest sporting challenge I have ever committed to in my entire life. 
The beginning of the race is quite nice and I'm surprised I ran so fast. Maybe  because of edgy ASAP Ferg verses! On km 13, Run Dem Crew members are giving me all their energy and positive vibes to keep running in a good mood, it's so nice!

Then, I'm not gonna lie from km 15 it's a mix of pain and mental suffering but I'll spare the details because it's not very glamourous and I don't know you guys so well enough! ;)

© Guillaume Fave    

© Guillaume Fave

Thanks to coach Longuèvre and all the trainings with my crew I finished the race with a cool time: 1:59 ! Despite all my doubts I still wanted to be less than 2 hours so I was so happy and excited!


I really had no idea what to expect when I was running this paris half. My training with PRC pushed me to be better all winter but closer to the race my knees were not feeling their best. Naturally, I was scared and doubtful of myself. 

I think the shake out run really put such good vibes in me that I just forgot all my worries. Now some people hate it, but I LOVE running in warm weather. The weather was perfect the sun was out and I was super hyped! I never stopped, and when I was feeling slightly tired Cheer Dem Crew worked their magic vibes into me so much that it helped me finished at my fastest time. The view around Paris this race had to offer was the cherry on top!

After this day full of great memories, we ended up at La Favela Chic for a tasty dinner , followed by a fire on the dancefloor, thanks to our DJs sharp selection.

©  MPY WAS HERE    Madness