Nike NTC Berlin- Train to Run

I was in Berlin for the weekend and while it was quite eventful, I was able to pop in to the Nike NTC Studio.  While I was tempted to do all the classes available that day, I went in for the Train to Run class. 

We started with a small 2k run to the park. Then we did running drills from one leg hops, to high knees, and quick feet. All done with a sprint and jumping jacks between each drill. 

Then we got down to real serious business. The core workouts.  A strong core = a strong runner. We did lunges, planks in every which way, butterflies and a few more core workouts. Then we did out 2k back to the studio.

We finished with some basic stretches. I took the liberty to staying a bit longer and doing a tiny bit more core workout. 

I highly recommend this class for those who are new to training and want to build better running technique. 

Classes at NTC Berlin are available weekly. Click here to see learn more and sign up for classes. They have plenty to chose from but classes fill up quickly.