Le Tricycle Store Opening

On Thursday we were invited to the grand opening of Le Tricycle Restaurant. 

Le Tricycle is the first Bike Vegetarian street food roaming the streets of Paris. Owned by Coralie and Daqui, two street food lovers their concept is quite unique. They revisit the classic hot dog and revamped it with fresh vegetarian products. So fresh in fact that the components of the “hot dog” are purchased on the same day so now you can deal with pleasure with healthy and fresh ingredients. 

Recipes are quite original and we were totally tickled by the West Coast influenced names. Shoutout to our favotite the “Snoop Dog” and its pickled carrots topped with crispy fried onions. At 5 euros a pop these healthy dogs are def a must! 

So for now, you don't need to walk the Parisians streets looking for best hot dog in town. Le Tricycle is super cosy and they plays great music. You can still order to take away or for those who are the less hurried, there's a pretty bright room upstairs.


You can follow them on their Instagram or Facebook

Le Tricycle Store                                                                                                                                       51 rue de Paradis                                                                                                                               75000 Paris                                                                                                                                    (métro Poissonnière or Gare de l'Est).