Vondel Gym- Amsterdam

There is no way to  be in Amsterdam and Not check out Vondel Gym. More than just a gym, Vondel is a lifestyle center. The wellness center is made up of five expertise: Crossf Fit, Boxing, Boot Camp, Running, and training. The  back to back schedule of classes gives everyone the opportunity to stay fit and really just a NO EXCUSES . All the challenging varieties Vondel Gym offers is really the best way to keep workouts fun and new. 

Now, thanks to my pals at Patta Running Team, I went over to check out the much talked about kickboxing classes. I had never done kickboxing before and WHOA! I was nervous and didn't know what to expect but the homie and head boxing coach Dennis Wijnhold put me at ease from the getgo. 

Luckily our friend Pims was there to capture the whole experience. The KickBoxing lessons are done in group sessions. It begins with a high intensity warm up that def gets the blood flowing. We then partner up to a bag and get to it on the foot work. I DEF need to get the hip movement and technique. Denis was so helpful at little quick tricks to leave the love taps at the door and get me to use more force. On a bad week I know exactly where to go to get the anger out :). 

Sweat sesh ended with core workout, a nice stretch, and some very refreshing cucumber water. It was so intense and entertaining oh and the next day my booty felt the pain. I am so hooked I will be back for more.  

Be sure to keep up with the homies on their instragram & twitter @VondelGym or Facebook 

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