From kitchen to the Track

If there's one thing that I love above all (after cats) its eating. I come from a family where the kitchen is the center of everything. Some Sundays we remain at the table all day. So to say my parents gave me this passion is putting it lightly. 

Add to that my love for sugar and pastries and at times I find myself overwhelmed by a little extra weight.

Early 2013 I decided that it's possible, I take matters into my own hands and starts running.  I must admit that in the beginning I hated  running. My legs gave up after 15 minutes my smoke filled lungs screamed for me to stop.  To make it slightly more difficult I always ran at the very hilly Buttes Chaumont.

With perseverance you get there. By the summer of 2014, running really made sense in my life.  I stopped smoking is and to overcome the lack of nicotine my workouts became more.  It is at that moment that I began to consider myself a "runner'. 

With the arrival of Paris Running Club in my life, I discovered another facet of this sport and practicing as a team. Now I have real coaching that allows me to really push my limits and become fully aware of my abilities.

Today I found the perfect balance between eating good stuff, and succeed to move.

What motivates you?