Dynamo Cycling - Paris

Spinning has finally arrived in Paris in the form of Dynamo Cycling. The first full spinning gym, Dynamo opened in the Opera district just a few months back. 

Imported from the States, and highly popularized in New York & LA , the concept of cardio on a bike is taken to the next level.  Mixing strength training with various size dumbbells and high to low speed interval, the training targets all muscles of the body.  Focusing on abdominal and thigh refinement of course, we are ready to see our Tina Turner legs real soon.

I was itching to get a spin session in, as I had previously spinned back home in NYC. This was Lucie's first time and she was quite nervous and intimated.  Dynamo is a safe haven for all levels, all the smiles sans the pretentious 'tudes from the states. Upon arrival the team was very welcoming. They were patient and went extra lengths to explain how it works and assisted on adjusting our bikes to helping us with our shoes. 

Dynamo Cycling has everything you could possibly need pre and post workout; shoes, towels during and post workouts, and a very well stocked women's locker. No need to carry your entire bathroom with you. Everything from hair dryers, essential oil infused shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and moisturizer. Don't even bother buying a lock to store your belongings; a personalized pin to all lockers is created by you on the spot.  


How is a course?
The 45 minute session starts with an almost bee-like buzz of all the synched bikes warming up everyones legs.  We love the subdued atmosphere here, dimmed light settings that change colors as the class progress,

Spinning is not spinning without music. The playlists created by the coaches, captures each movement in the rhythm, creating a real energy within the group, training becomes  a choreography. We finish with an almost 5 minute freestyle of your liking. Just one rule as the lights are turned completely turned off and the music is on full blast go hard.
We specially Lucie particularly LOVED LOVED LOVED Clotilde's session and her selection of trap music.  We have to admit to taking maybe too much pleasure in doing pushups on the bike!

The effort can be very intense and high speed aka a whole lot of sweat. It is essential to have a bottle of water. Of course we recommend you hydrate throughout the day even after your workout. Like always it is great to push yourself but keep it safe, go at your level and always listen to your body. 

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Dynamo Cycling
14 rue Saint Augustin
75002 Paris