Essentials: Avocado

Avocado gets such a bad rap in the western world because of its very high fat content. But not all fat is created equal. An avocado is almost all healthy fat and almost no carbs. This is one fat we should all be happily consuming!  For team Menos Mas, avocado is an integral part of our diet. We basically are obsessed and if we could would have it with every meal! Remember our delicious avocado chocolate pudding...

Lets break it down for y'all.  Here are composition details and benefit! 

Besides being very rich in fiber, this fruit, like many nuts,  contains monounsaturated fatty acids (the "good" fat) . The healthy fat content digest easy but slowly so the body uses it as energy, making you feel full for longer period and therefor reducing hunger. Much healthier alternative to eating startches that are full of empty carbs.  Avocado also limits and helps reduce bad cholesterol. It is also rich in antioxidants (Vitamin C and E). 

Potassium : helps prevent fatigue , regulates blood pH and promotes the contraction of muscles    (avocado contains more potassium than a banana)                                                                                       
Vitamin K: is involved in the clotting of blood , it plays a vital role in cardiovascular level .
Folic acid : helps prevent anemia, helps breakdown protein, involved in the production of new cells(skin and nails) , stimulates hair growth, and proper functioning of the nervous system and immune system
Oleic acid : Keeps you satisfied helping you feel fuller longer. Hunger suppressant.  
Dietary fiber : Metabolizing food and prevents constipation

Besides being delicious to eat , avocado has nourishing and moisturizing properties for our hair and skin. Its great for reducing redness and rejuvenating the skin. Its great for leaving our skin and hair silky smooth and thoroughly moisturized. The vitamin E in avocados is great for reducing redness and scars
We like to use avocado oil directly on our skin , it also helps limit the damage caused by UV thanks to its anti -inflammatory properties.

So please leave the 'fat' guilt behind when eating avocados.  We love them in salads, sweet version with chocolate, guacamole style, mashed on toast toasts or the simply way with lemon juice and just about anything else! 

Stay tuned , we're preparing a mask, perfect for this summer!

And you, how do you like avocados ?