NYC Marathon Training

Where do I even begin to talk about this one? I guess the beginning. Around the holidays 2013,  I was conversing with dad comparing our life to his as a kid. I am so used to having so much technology that listening to him remembering what it was like to get a T.V. It almost felt like he was talking about a martian. 

Anyway, he said one of the first things he saw on T.V was the NYC Marathon and dreamed his whole life of doing it. I quietly took it all in and decided in that moment that I would do the marathon in his name. 

I started looking at how to get in. NYRR has a great program called 9+1; you run 9 Marathon qualifying races and volunteer 1 time in return you are guaranteed entry for the following years race. I did this last year albeit i had no idea what I was doing I ran extremely slow, injured and only goal was to finish. 

After moving to Paris it changed. Paris Running Club has really made me aware of my body and improved my running in every single way. Now I have the skills to listen to myself to workout on my own and know exactly how to move forward. It will always be a work in progress but thats what keeps it fun for me. .

Now to the good stuff. The training. You have to find what works best for you and your lifestyle. I noticed that the less running made me a better runner. I became less injured and I am able to push myself harder. I read the book 'Run Less, Run Faster' and it literally fits perfect into this. It is based on the idea of training with quality not quantity. Just 3 quality runs a week; one interval/speed, one tempo, and one long run. Supplement these 3 runs with cross/strenght training and you are sure to improve and exceed your goals!  To calculate your pace for each run use your fastest 5k or 10k time. Each week the pace will gradually increase. 

The first week i was very overwhelmed! it was very tough and i wasn't mentally prepared to start. Plus the heat doesn't make it easier. However, this is the kind of plan I prefer. Working out really hard but less of it. Im able to recover and keep going. Check out my first weeks workout. and be sure to get the book for details on calculating your pace!

Week 1


Track Repeats

3x 1600m with 400m RI

begin with a 10-20 min warm up at an easy pace


Tempo Run

3km at Easy Pace

3k at Tempo Pace

3k at Easy Pace


Long Run

13km at 30 seconds SLOWER than your 5k pace.

Start slowly, increase pace gradually and finish strong