Paris So Fast Club

Thursday nigh, the merry band of Paris Running Club turned into SO FAST Paris Club for the Nike #sofast campaign.

As some may have noticed, lately, brand swoosh has been teasing us with this mile distance.
This distance is an athletic event that involves running 1.609 kilometers, 1 mile or about 4 x 400 meter laps.

The goal was to run as fast as possible alongside real athletes and champions like Taoufik Makhloufi and Abdelati Iguider. Did I really remember that it was nearly 30 °(86°f)? In Coach Longuèvre's words 
" 30° or -10 °, it is not the temperature outside that counts but the temperature of our muscle that matter."

Our lovely Coach Longuèvre was of course in the game to prepare us for this event, which started with a thorough warm. The atmosphere was already heated(thank you summer) and just reached its maximum fire with the tunes of our own DJ Sims.

I must admit that the idea of running in those conditions really made me feel the pressure.
At the start line I saw our fastest runners zoom by so quick they disappeared before me. I nervously got up there and I finished, with difficulty, but I finished these 4 laps.

Despite the hurdles during the challenge, it was not just about doing our fastest mile but to have fun and being able to share our passion for running with real deal athletes. 

I'll leave you with some of our favorite captured moments. You can also admire the stunning portfolio by Genre for Matthew