Power Girls - Valentine Cinier

Power Girls is a series showcasing how real women conquer work & life challenges but still balance to sweat, eat clean and fit wellness into their everyday lives.


Tell us about yourself. What is your background?
I was Paulette magazine's editor-in-chief for nearly three years and also worked atEurosport. Today, I am a freelance journalist for several media outlets. I also get to travel a lot for my work.

How do you start your day?
None of my days are alike. When I have appointments I like to fill my days and its non-stop. But when my program is more cool, I like to take my time in the morning, make a good breakfast and do my to-do list  before attacking my day.

 What is your daily relationship with food? Take us through your eats from start to finish.
It would be difficult to summarize my relationship with food. In the morning I down a half banana with lemon juice, yogurt from sheep or goat milk, kiwi, some muesli and almonds. When I have time, I make it a home often juice apple-carrot-orange-ginger.

For lunch, I often have lunch at the restaurant and in the evening I make an orange beet feta salad, tabbouleh home or avocado toast with feta and mint. The weekend brunch is a Sunday essential. I am very greedy and I can crack both pasta with truffles and a crepe with Nutella.

What are some of your kitchen staples?
Anything I can make pressed juice with,  cucumber, lemons and avocados. I have also a lot of asian products. I love making noodles or Thai salads. I only cook with olive oil or coconut oil for asian dishes.

I have a serious avocado addiction.  Recently my boyfriend made an avocado pesto with pasta, it was crazy! I forbid myself to have chocolate in my cupboard otherwise the situation  becomes out of control!

 When did you begin your fitness/health journey? How has it impacted your life?
I've always done some type of sports. I started with judo for 4 years, then I played tennis and volleyball for 5 years and I have 15 years of riding in competitions. 

 Sport has always been part of my life. Today I admit that it has become a real challenge to do as many sports as I want. There is so much to do and so little time! It is sometimes frustrating. But practicing sports as a child gave me a good mind. Trying anything in life is possible and always believe you can do it really became instilled in me through sports. 

Even when I can't practice all the things I want I am always surrounded by it.  I have always worked in the sport, L'Equipe, Le Figaro Sport, and now at Eurosport. Like what!

What are some of your challenges transitioning to a healthier life?
I would say it is not prohibit any sport or challenge.  When everything is possible in the mind, physical predispositions follows. I never thought I could hold a headstand or a crow pose in yoga for example. But I don't limit myself. I'm a fan of yogi/ instagram -muse @Cbquality. She  proves that you can have forms and be mega good yoga at any size.

How do you like to sweat?
I love that sport goes beyond the physical exertion, it can bring something extra. In such horse, the relationship with the animal creates an energy and inexplicable merger. Yoga or pilates is really mind that responds to the body, the muscles and it's pretty magical.

Cycling provides a sense of deliverance, letting go yet boosts us and fills us with energy, it's pretty powerful. I go to the Dynamo two to three times a week and yoga or pilates. And I try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and move me to bike when it is not raining.

On long days or when workouts get monotonous, how do you dig up motivation?
I think it is essential to devote time to his well being. To simply be aware of your energy level, to be most effective in you work and available for the people we love. It is also the best way I've found to evacuate my stress. I'm getting a massage once a month.  That's my little reward!

What role does music play in your workout?
Music drives me to go further and makes the sport much more fun. The Dynamo playlists are great and I think I sing as much as I pedal there. Fortunately, we are in the dark, it's as if I was singing in the shower!

What is your beauty routine? One step that you never skip?
I'm a little obsessed with hydration because my skin is rather dry and sensitive. This is the most important step in the morning and evening, not to mention the eye and neck, it seems that it is the first part which becomes flaccid with age.

Any beauty essentials?
The cleansing foam Nuori the Huygens face scrub, cream Clarins Multi-Active Day and universal balm glossier.

We truly live by beauty from the inside out and "less is more". What do these Menos Mas mantras mean to you?
I really do believe in it!  Today, it turns out that this is increasingly true. Girls do not need to strive to want to look like someone else, to some unrealistic ideal. I believe and hope that every girl can love themselves as they are.

Best advice you ever got?
It was my mother who reminded me very often, always focus on what is positive and always say that we will get there. I do a lot of positive thinking to move forward in life, and it works! My motto: All that you are is the result of All That you want.