Power Girls - Cecile Éspinasse

Power Girls is a series showcasing how real women conquer work & life challenges but still balance to sweat, eat clean and fit wellness into their everyday lives.


Tell us about yourself. What is your background?
My name is Cecile, I'm 27 and I'm a  fashion and beauty journalist. I also have a blog: "Minute coquette" which as its name suggests talking coquetry (my passion) and I love  sports. Its something I share on my instagram account with a team of girlfriends : The Bonnasse team. 

How do you start your day?
I am an early riser. My level of fatigue and what I did the day before, determines whether my day starts with either 30 minutes of strength training  or just a hot shower and steaming hot tea. 

What is your daily relationship with food? Take us through your eats from start to finish.
 I'm so greedy with food.  Now, I'm always very careful what I eat so my days are as balanced as possible. I eat very little meat, and I pay attention to the glycemic index of foods without depriving myself@ 

I love to eat fruit for breakfast, a banana, a kiwi and some dried fruit  is enough to hold until lunch.  Here is where I am much more greedy: A large salad or cooked vegetables with still good serving of starchy to be firmly seated and the fish there (I eat at my company canteen). For dessert I am often a bowl of white cheese with applesauce or fruit. White bread is forever against the wand, its a sweet bomb that contains no nutrients! 

If I'm home for dinner, I often make me a homemade soup (my favorite: butternut squash + coconut milk) with a soy yogurt that I add a drop of vanilla. If I'm at a restaurant with friends or with my boyfriend I'm happy to take what I want, the more restricted the more likely to crack and eat anything. 


What are some of your kitchen staples?
Tea! A lot of tea! It's like a drug. If I do not drink in the morning its as if I'm missing something. One important thing:  like the English, I love to add a drop of milk! 


When did you begin your fitness/health journey? How has it impacted your life?
I've always done a little sport and watched my diet but two years ago I started running and that's when my body began to change. I became much more rugged, sporty and my trust in myself has grown enormously. All these changes has made me completely hooked.

Unfortunately I was too hooked(5-6 times per week) and suddenly my body said stop and I fell.  Today I have a bit of weight on me but of course I still play sports like I love cardio and strength training 3 times a week and I feel good with that. 

What are some of your challenges transitioning to a healthier life?
My first challenge is to resume running more intensively. I am less powerful than before and I would like to find the good feeling of running again. Recently I have also understood that we should not go too fast, when we start something we must stick to it and the results will come. Learning to be patient is the key! 

How do you like to sweat?
I run atleast once a week. It is important even if it's only 30 minutes, otherwise I love to blow off  steam at Dynamo Cycling in evenings after a hard work day or in the morning to start the day. From time to time I go to yoga, I love Strala courses by French instructor Sandrine aka French Yoga Girl. It is dynamic and it makes me feel good! Oh and I forgot the pool on Saturday with my girlfriend Julie! 

On long days or when workouts get monotonous, how do you dig up motivation?
My secret? I always find an alternative! Too lazy to run out? Then it will be 30 minutes strength on my carpet! Too tired to go to Dynamo? I get home, I go to bed early and I go the next morning after a good night's sleep. 

What role does music play in your workout?
I ALWAYS have  music, I make myself running playlist on Spotify and if I love Dynamo's list. 

What is your beauty routine? One step that you never skip?
You know I'm very tidy, I take great care of me and I love my makeup. I will NEVER go out without lipstick and I like myself a good cat eye.  But the step that I never skip is the removal, in my life I've never gone to bed without being completely cleansed! 

Any beauty essentials?
I have too many "essential"! I could never do without my 60 lipsticks.  For my hair, I can not live without my hair dryer and brush my Tangle Teezer. I am not loyal to any particular brand. I like to test everything as long as they have an eye, a good moisturizer and a cleansing oil. 

We truly live by beauty from the inside out and "less is more". What do these Menos Mas mantras mean to you?
It is a mantra that I try to apply because I always tend to do too much.  I used to take so much time to layer on foundation in my beauty routine. Today I am much lighter in my makeup routine and it's much better! Ditto for the sport, do not do too much at risk to get tired and giving up. 

Best advice you ever got?
Stop wanting to be like the others, to compare yourself with others. Love yourself!