Power Girls - Clarisse

Power Girls is a series showcasing how real women conquer work & life challenges but still balance sweating, eating clean and fitting wellness into their everyday lives.



oday we talk to Clarisse,  full-time employee and a Health student studying between France and Germany. She talks her passion for travel,  running, and simplicity to keep her healthy in a hectic student life. 

What is your background?
I grew up with 3 different cultures and traveling a lot. I keep busy being a student with a health and economic background, work part time and sport has always been present in my life. I balance my life with creativity by being an assistant photographer


How do you start your day?
For me sleep is the most important and I’m very strict on getting a full 8 hours. I mostly wake up run and out the door. I prepare my breakfast the night before so I can have it on the go. I never leave the house without my tea though… I can’t start a day without tea. It’s one of my passions and for me it replaces the coffee.


What is your daily relationship with food? Take us through your eats from start to finish.
I love food! For breakfast I have porridge with chia seeds, chestnuts, almonds, fruits of the season, dried cherries and almond milk. When my Dutch boyfriend is town it can also be bread with peanut butter and banana.

Lunch is mostly homemade that I bring with me in my Bento box. A simple dish like rice (30%) (Always rice) with vegetable (50%) and fish/tofu/a piece of meat (20%).

In the afternoon, I like to have something sweet not a lot but sweet. Dinner is also warm and can be everything as long as it’s homemade.

What are your kitchen staples?
Fruits and vegetables. I always have Avocado, lemons and mushrooms.

How do you like sweat?
My main sport is running, usually 2-3 times a week alone or with a crew. To strengthen, I workout and do Yoga once a week. At home I love stretching and massaging with a lacrosse ball, a thera-band and a foam roller.

We know that you’re busy working and studying at the same time, how to dig the motivation in this student lifestyle?
I can’t stay still, I always have to do something. My weekly schedule is so busy I’ve just gotten used to doing one thing after another. My sport routine is part of my schedule. Eating healthy and taking care of my body is what helps me maintain so much energy and hone this lifestyle. When I am away, I relax and take some time for myself with no work, no studies and no sport….maybe a little run.

What role does music play in your workout? What are your fave sweat tunes?
None. I work out with my own breathing. Of course at fitness class there is music but for myself I don’t really need it. I do listen to music while cooking though.


 What is your beauty regimen? One step you do not skip?
SIMPLICITY. The less, the better. I have very sensitive skin and if you work out a lot, make-up is not a good partner. I keep it very simple and decent. My main ingredient for cleansing is water or thermal water. I mostly use a little blush, that’s enough for me.

Any beauty essentials?
Hydrating “Hydraphase” Eye cream from La Roche Posay.

We truly live by the "beauty from the inside out" and "less is more"? What do these Menos Mas Mantra's mean to you?
It is a philosophy that I totally agree with. Beauty comes from the inside. I help to moisturize my dry skin but beside that I am not doing much to be honest.

The best advice you've ever recieved?

Always do what you want no matter what others say or think. Life is not a quiet river