The Ultimate Fit Girl Cleanse with Nubio Paris

There are many out there but we are incredibly active here at Menos Mas. Rather than cut out our workouts and on-the-go life, we searched for the perfect program for our active lifestyle.  With Nubio Paris' 3-day program we were able to sweat (moderately), maintain our active lifestyle and finished it feeling lighter and more energized.

What is Nubio?
Nubio Paris is a certified organic fresh pressed juice company providing delivery-only detox programs. Founded in 2014 by Claire Nouy and Grabrielle Rotger-Marcombes, Nubio has an excellent variety of programs to fit the needs of any range of any lifestyle.

Who’s it for?
The Energy cure has been designed for all those wishing to combine an intense Detox experience and daily demanding (work and sport). It is also suitable for those who want to "chew" in snacks raw quality in addition to cold-pressed fresh juice.


Whats included?
The Energy Cure daily package includes 4 bottles of cold pressed juice for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner (two rich in vegetable protein and 2 raw nutrient filled snacks.

It is also comes with the "Body & Mind" booklet filled with all the nutritional facts, production, pre-detox and post-detox tips and great ways to detox physically and mentally during the program. 

How to Prep Pre-Detox:
To make it less shocking on your body,  easier mentally, and to get the best results we really recommend preparing for your detox a week before you begin. Whether you decide on a one, three, or five day program here are some tips by Nubio on how to prepare for your detox.
Eliminate / decrease the consumption of:

Caffeine: tea, coffee, alcohol, nicotine
Dairy Product
In sugar, sodas and refined grains (including wheat flour)
Fast Food and frozen meals
Animal Protein and products
(if eaten it should be consumed in small portions and ensuring quality and origin of animal (well-bred meat, fish from sustainable fisheries, organic eggs)

How to Start:

Set a schedule. To make it easier always track your juices by time. Never wait until you are hungry to have a juice. 
To avoid being hungry continue hydrating all day in between your juices. It will always keep you full until the next set of nutrients. 
Drink you last juice 2 -3 hours before but continue having herbal and water after your dinner.
Go to bed earlier- Part of cleansing is turning off and tuning out 

Don’t be hard on yourself. If you are absolutely hungry Nubio recommends having light broth like a miso soup or a handful of almonds. 


Here is a sample program by time (adjust the times according to your lifestyle and schedule) :
7am- Large herbal tea or hot water with lemon
7:30am- yoga / light workout
8am- breakfast juice
8:45-9am- Large Herbal Tea/ Water/ Water with lemon
10:30- 1st Nubio snack juice raw bar
11:30- Tea/Water
12:30- Nubio Lunch Juice
1-3pm-Continuously drink tea and water
3pm- 2nd Nubio Snack
4-5-Continue drinking water/tea
5:30 -3rd Nubio Juice
6-8pm- Continue drinking water/tea
8-8:30- Nubio Dinner Juice

Post Detox

You did it! It is important that when your starting to eat again to reintroduce wholesome foods back into your system. Jumping in too quickly to heavier foods might cause the body to react poorly and make you sick. Post detox is great to pick up momentum and keep eating plant based diet and have more balance. 


Check out Nubio Paris for price details and their programs and snacks!