On the gram - beauty influencers to follow

Instagram is your inspiration? Rather than scrolling through endless pictures of brunches and cute babies (but if you like them anyway!), follow to these  beauty girls of the moment. From make-up artist, girl bosses to DYI experts, these girls tempt you to fill your vanity yet again!

The founder of the beauty webzine Into The Gloss and more recently the cult beauty brand Glossier, she advocates natural easy make up accessible and without complexes


French Make-up Artist settled in New York, Violette, has recently launched her youtube channel  and we are hooked to her effortless malke-up tutorials!


No beauty will ever be "Boring" especially when scrolling though make-up artist Robin Black's feed.


She makes the buzz with her addicting mini- tutorials and DIY 100% natural tricks. Follow Farah unbeatable beauty tips and tricks!


A French expatriate in London specializing in DIY natural beauty. We love her purified account and blog .


From healthy food, yoga and green beauty, we hasten you to follow the advice of the most "natural" of bloggers.