The Madness of Sheet Mask

image  Dr. Jart

In 2017 they are everywhere: These small single dose sachets containing a cloth mask and the promise of beautiful skin! So does it work or not?

In order to understand the origin of this practice, one must first go to South Korea, where women have the habit of preparing their facial mask themselves. Once their prepare the mask mixture, they apply it to the face before covering it with a cloth until the skin absorbs the treatment.

A technique so simple that the brands hastened to recopy it by proposing to the consumers masks in a mono-dose tissue and soaked with care.

Cheap, practical and above all hyper efficient, they have quickly joined our beauty vanity essential, but how do you apply it?

> Before applying your mask make sure your skin is clean and, if possible, exfoliated to facilitate absorption.

> Do not leave your mask longer than the indicated time, otherwise the fabric may re-absorb the product.

> Once the fabric has been removed, do not rinse the excess of care, but spread it out like a cream until fully penetration.

> Repeat this ritual once or twice a week.