Running Heroes: Mathilde Draeger



  • In a Few Words, who are you? 

My name is Mathilde, I'm 25 and I live in Paris. I am passionate about sports, especially running, and digital marketing. I juggle my job as Community Specialist Group for Running Heroes , my race preparations, other sports sessions, aperitifs with my friends, and social calendar.

  • How were you first Introduced to running? what is the impetus That propelled you into your running journey?

I started running in May 2014, early in the fitness, but I was not very regular. Anne, My mom, ran for 18 years, and motivated me to continue. That same year, She gave me my first race bib, the Paris 20KM.  I therefore had a challenge. I got a little training for it. But my love for running really clicked  when I passed the finish line of 20KM run. This is where it all started.

  • You recently ran the Paris Marathon.  We all go through personal challenges to get to the finish line; What helps you push past the hurdles racing?

The pride and determination. Especially during the Paris Marathon this year. I knew I would not do the time I wanted to do, and a large part of me wanted to give into my disappointment. But my other half pushed me to go to the end. Not finishing the race was not an option.  In other races, shorter (10KM, Half Marathon)  the urge is to push my limits and reach the time for which I trained. I do not let up until the last moment, to be sure I gave the maximum, and have no regrets.

  • Everyone has a different training diet. how would you describe your approach to fitness? How do you supplement your running workouts? 

I do not plan, and I've never done. I am actually against it. I do not consider myself a pro, and I do not want to force myself to take a special diet because I run. I eat healthy and balanced; enjoying the pleasures of life. I love quinoa salads, detox juice and porridge in the morning. But I also love a good burger and chips with a pint of beer. By nature, I am never excessive, so my weeks are balanced pretty well. In preparation for races with a big goal, I will try to reduce a little the bad fats and alcohol, to lose 1 or 2 kilos, but it's the only thing I change. And I'm not taking any dietary supplement.

  • What role does nutrition play in your diet?

I know the basic principles of nutrition, the role of this or that food, and common sense rules and  I've naturally applied them daily for the last 3 years. I'm not particularly a fan of sugar (except chocolate) or fast food and I try not to eat too much processed. I never add salt and drink lots of water. But that's all.

  • We see you on the gram, constantly motivating us. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

It's a good question. New challenges, new races, still enjoying life? I have to share the idea that you can be athletic and have good sports results without imposing a restrictive lifestyle. The photographs have become the norm: If you exercise, you have to be super healthy, not get out, do not drink alcohol and hunt fats, and you train everyday. I am against all that. In real life, when you have a job, a social life, friends, we must take advantage of that. This is what I do, and this is my balance. For my next big challenges, I look forward to my next marathon, but I have not decided which. I would also go under 1:34 in the half marathon and 42 minutes 10KM.

  • Before we let you go..what are some of your most essential running tips you can share with us.

Most important: run for you, for fun. Find what motivates you to run. As with everything, it's the key to success. And once you have YOUR objective (not necessarily the same as the boys), beat yourself to get there. You will be so proud when it's done, that you'll want to continue and start again. And remember that a sports failure is not really a failure: it is a lesson that will allow you to do better next time.