The Skincare Routine for Minimalist Beauty

Image by Fiona Torre for Menos Mas Skin Food

Image by Fiona Torre for Menos Mas Skin Food


Everyone has imperfections; redness, excessive oil on the T-zone, dehydration lines and apparent pores, and thanks to periods nothing normal! But what's The secret to keeping a uniform complexion? Adopting a minimalist routine without "stripping" the skin of natural oils or using a ton of products might do the trick!

1. Cleanse
The most important step to keeping skin healthy. It must be practiced absolutely every night before bedtime. Use an oil based make-up remover  to remove all make-up traces and pollution particles your face has absorbed during the day. Apply it to the skin without cotton by performing small massages with your fingers, going more gently on the eyes / eyelashes before rinsing with face wash &  water.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliation is performed once a week maximum so as not to attack the skin. The rest of the time, skin regenerates very well on its own. Use a soft-grained version so you gently remove the dead skin cells.

3. Hydrate
The second most essential part is to moisturize.  A good moisturizer  prevents  the appearance of fine lines, calms redness, and  protects the skin from oxidation. Naked, your skin is very fragile. So imagine that by applying your cream you endow it with a magic shield that will preserve it as long as possible.

It is difficult to find the cream that will match perfectly with your skin, if you have oily skin opt for a light texture and in case of dry skin in winter for example, choose a richer version. The best night care? Any oil based cream is great for any skin or vegetable oils like argan or sweet almond to apply before bedtime.

4. The eye contour
Even if you feel asleep (one too many times to be proud of) with your make-up, the eye contour is one step not to be skipped!
In addition to reducing the "puffy pocket" effect and restarting the blood circulation, it helps prevent those first eye wrinkles haunting the creases of your eye !

5. The masks
To solve the problem of visible pores and the shiny T-area, you can apply a purifying clay mask to the affected areas 1 to 2 times a week (after scrub) to "detox" the skin and avoid the appearance of blackheads. And when your skin needs a shot of hydration or a boost after a big night, go for hydrating sheet mask.

My Tips "beautiful skin"

  • I change my pillowcase once or twice a week to avoid the accumulation of dirt
  •  I always have wipes in my sports bag to remove as much makeup before sweating. If I run or if I practice outside I always put a layer of cream.
  • When I have buttons I do absolutely NOTHING! I avoid touching them, I clean them well and especially I do not put makeup on top. Generally they disappear in less than 4 days
  • I drink a lot of water and reduced my sugar intake." The effect on the skin was immediate!
  •  I wash my hands before touching my skin, a trick that seems a bit stupid but when I see the number of girls who wear makeup in the subway (aka the most disgusting place in the world) I can not help to recall it.
  • Obviously I do not smoke and drink in moderation!