Homme Land: An homage to Ghana by Kwasi Kessie

For its second drop, PTHL|002 honors the designers' fathers native land, Ghana. 

" Africa is real, from the people to the culture, to its rich history. Africa is truly the Original Mans Land. Visiting my father’s village gave me a sense of royalty as well as a sense of obligation to the people there."

 - Kwasi Kessie, founder and designer of PTHL. 

The connection to his roots is more than palpable, its completely tangible with this collection. With its pop style Graffiti to the indigenous graphics, the tee shirts are a perfect marriage between his Harlem and Ghanaian roots. His quest for philantophic efforts makes this drop more meaningful.  In memory of his father, John Kessie, all proceeds of these shirts will go to directly to the community of MBEM, Ghanna, the village where is late father was king. 

Kwasi Kessie continues to keep culture and swag alive. Check out the full collection here.