Essentials: Goji Berries

You may have seen this little fruit as topping on our oatmeal, Chia Pudding or one of our smoothies. So now we are going to break it down and explain why I use it so much. 

Goji Berries are the superfood of berries. They are an Asian berry from the Himalayans and have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to treat ailments and maintain good health.  Gojis taste like a bitter, lighter cross between cherries, cranberries and raisins.

What make Goji Berries a superfood?

Goji berries contain largest amount of vitamin C in any fruit in the world. According to studies, Gram for gram, Goji berries pack 7x more vitamin C than some oranges and more beta-carotene (helps promote healthy skin)  than carrots.

Goji are a Complex carbohydrates – which raise blood sugar slowly, so you won’t experience a sugar crash afterwards. It's also rich in Fiber, providing a feeling a fullness that prevents you from overeating.

TIP: Having it as a snack is great way to curb your hunger and to keeping from overindulging during.

Lastly, Gojis contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, & E and are loaded with many other antioxidants, mineral and amino acids. It's Packed with minerals including iron, copper, calcium and zinc. This powerful, yet small fruit helps prevent a slew of things like weight gain, high blood pressure, protects the liver & kidneys and promotes good vision!

We dare you not to be tempted to make this a routine topping or snack!